What Clients Say

What Clients Say

  • ScrollMedia (SM) has been our choice vendor for over the last 28 years. SM has not only been just providing books for our children over all these years, SM has been our resource help, providing quality books when other vendors could not. Recalling my early years as a Principal in 1992 and when local Chinese resource and books for preschool was limited, SM created series of books to support and enrich the early childhood classroom teaching, making reading fun for our children. We love the English Readers that are interesting and creative in presentation and layout.

    Ms Vanny Low
    TOUCH Community Services

  • Harnessing on its rich experience in printing, ScrollMedia has established itself as a renowned printing service bureau. I have been working with them since 2006 and they have provided me with professional printing services. Even though we are a small kindergarten with whom they weren’t able to earn profits, they were willing to

    Mrs Hilda Martin
    Damien Centre Kindergarten

  • I am pleased to say that Holy Family Kindergarten has been using the services of ScrollMedia, one of our exclusive preschool printing suppliers for all our academic and educational materials, for the past 5 years. During this period, ScrollMedia had been extremely supportive, reliable and efficient in their services for all our needs and requirements. In addition, they also provided us with complimentary expert consultation, editing and designing services.

    Mrs Agnes Lee
    Former Principal
    Holy Family Kindergarten

  • My personal experience with David and Suzanne has always been enjoyable. They are very personable, friendly and jovial in their approach. Their warmth and encouragement has touched me especially during their 1st visit to extend their greetings when I was promoted from teacher to acting principal. Being new in my role, both of them were gracious and patient in rectifying issues when I made quite a few mistakes in my orders. Thus, it is more of a relationship that is built over the years.

    Mrs Michele Koh
    St Paul’s Church Kindergarten

  • ScrollMedia lives out its values of commitment and quality service. Besides being prompt with service and delivery of orders, it is prepared to go all out to support its clients in meeting their needs especially in the area of teaching and learning resources.

    Ms Elsie Chua
    Living Sanctuary Kindergarten

  • PLMC Covenant Kindergarten has been working with ScrollMedia for more than 10 years. They have been very accommodating and prompt in their design, print and delivery services every time, ensuring that the workbooks they provide for us each term fit our needs perfectly. Last year, we embarked on a new Chinese curriculum and ScrollMedia graciously re-drew and designed our Chinese workbooks despite the short period of time. We are truly grateful for all the friendly

    Mrs Adeline Tso
    PLMC Covenant Kindergarten

  • 这些年来,我们幼稚园都请 ScrollMedia 帮我们 印刷孩子们课程上所需要的作业本或是阅读本之类的 刊物和书籍。每一回 ScrollMedia 的设计师都能帮助 我们把作业本上所需要的字样或是配图很好地设计出 来,并在做出适当的排版后印刷成品。以 ScrollMedia 所收取的价位来说,他们所提供的纸质和色彩印刷效 果可说是相当优质的。此外我们若对初版的成品提出 一些修改要求,他们也会免费帮我们服务。有的时 候,我们要求追加印刷小量数额的书籍,ScrollMedia 也会尽量地协助我们在短时间内把书籍印出送到学校 让学生们及时有书本使用。

    Ms Julie Sim
    Holy Grace Kindergarten

  • ScrollMedia has been our partner for design-and-print services for more than 10 years. They can be trusted for its quick response whenever an order is placed. They are also able to deliver within short notices. Their willingness to take even small order quantities has helped the school meet its needs on many unexpected circumstances.

    Mrs Jessica Fork
    Edelweiss Kindergarten

  • ScrollMedia is known for their outstanding service and expertise in providing for book and printing needs. In the 24 years that they have partnered us, they have always been ready to go the extra mile to serve our every printing need, large or small.

    Mrs Koh Hwee Choo
    Jurong Calvary Kindergarten

  • Chen Li Kindergarten has been using ScrollMedia for the past 8 years. ScrollMedia is customer centric and professional. Their customization of design and print services are their assets which we reap benefits from.
    They do not compromise on the quality of their printed materials and their designers are excellent. Keep it up, ScrollMedia!

    Mrs See
    Chen Li Kindergarten

  • Maris Stella has been working with ScrollMedia for many years. Starting from ordering reading books to designing and customising our own workbooks and readers for all our levels. ScrollMedia has always been customer centric catering to our specific needs, and even providing staff with complimentary Phonics workshops. We are thankful for ScrollMedia’s excellent work and professionalism in their early childhood provisions. Looking forward to many more years working together. Thank you ScrollMedia!

    Mrs Monica Koh
    Maris Stella Kindergarten

  • We have been with ScrollMedia for 3 years. All our workbooks are printed and published by them. There is a number of reasons why we stayed with them. Firstly, the clean designs and child-friendly illustrations are very much pleasing to the eyes. Secondly, they do respond fast and arrange timely deliveries as well.

    Ms Nur Syahidah Jaffar

    Ms Nurlina Hassan
    Vice Principal

    An-Nur Mosque Kindergarten

  • A customer-focused company that listens and meets your school's needs. With a team of friendly and helpful staff who offer efficient and fast service. And the best part is that we can customize our books at affordable prices with no minimum quantity and with free of charge editing too! Way to go, ScrollMedia!

    Mrs Moira Fonseca
    Evangel Kindergarten